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Oral surgery includes a wide range of dental and medical services.

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Oral Surgery in Houston, Tx at Trinity Dental Centers

At Trinity Dental Centers, we strive to provide the best treatments by following strict guidelines designed to reduce stress and ensure the most comfortable patient experience. This allows for the quickest recovery time so our patients can smile with confidence.

Our team is dedicated to exceptional service so that every patient leaves happy. In order to achieve the highest level of care, we follow the basic principles of the surgical technique known as the Tenets of Halsted, well-known guidelines for proper tissue handling.

  1. Follow Stress Reduction Protocols

Our goal is to provide a stress-free environment for patients via advanced sedation techniques. We strive to supply all necessary information and keep our patients comfortable in order to make all visits to our office as enjoyable as possible.

  1. Maintain Aseptic Techniques

To protect patients from any harmful bacteria or pathogens, we follow strict aseptic techniques. Maintaining guidelines for proper sterilization greatly minimizes the chance of infection.

  1. Gentle Tissue Handling

Our well-trained surgeons follow atraumatic tissue handling procedures and treat tissues gently and with great care to reduce stress.

  1. Maintain Hemostasis

Making sure proper hemostatic measures are followed during surgery limits any excessive bleeding.

  1. Ensuring Patient Follow Up

An in-depth discussion with patients both before and after a procedure ensures the best experience. Our surgeon will explain care, proper rest, and the importance of any follow-ups with the patient.

Oral Surgeons in Houston, TX

Dr Samer Faraj is an experienced specialist periodontist and implants surgeon, with 18 years experience in the dental field. He completed his certificate in implants, periodontics, and sedation from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. He also obtained Master of Dentistry from the same university.

Dr. Faraj performs an extensive list of procedures and has a passion for dental implants and the art of dental surgery and smile/mouth rehabilitation. His goal is to provide all patients with a comfortable and positive experience to help with general treatment and overall wellbeing under anesthesia and sedation.

Dr. Faraj loves to socialize with friends and family any chance he gets. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and soccer and even scores a few goals from time to time. He also loves to keep up with the latest trends in dentistry by reading dental scientific articles.