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John Harris
John Harris
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From the front door I was welcomed with a guest centric atmosphere that made me feel like family in a...
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Crystal Carter
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2 weeks ago
To schedule an appointment is easy, there's never a long wait, the entire staff is friendly and helpful, the office...
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Dentist in Tomball, TX

Our dentist in Tomball believes that every patient deserves excellent oral health care in a timely, effective, and affordable manner. Patients are our highest priority, and we provide you with the proper education, treatment, and preventative care that you and your family deserve. We present a comprehensive range of dental care services in a comfortable, informative, and affordable manner.

Dental Care in Tomball, TX

Proper dental care ensures good oral hygiene, and we encourage our patients to come in biannually for dental exams and cleaning. Our general dentistry practice is equipped with a dental staff that is ready to help patients of all ages maintain their beautiful and healthy smiles for life. Every time you and your family visit Trinity Dental Centers, you will meet with our highly experienced dentist who will help develop a customized dental care plan based on your exact oral health requirements.

Meet our Dentist in Tomball ,TX

Dr. Mina Gendy graduated from New York University in 2014 and from Alexandria Dental School-Egypt in 1999. He has been with Trinity Dental Centers since 2019 and practicing dentistry since the past 20 years. Dr.Gendy specializes in extractions and root canals and plans to add implants to that list soon. When he isn’t practicing dentistry, Dr.Gendy enjoys devoting his free time to his two children. He also enjoys reading and traveling.

We offer you a wide range of dentistry services at a reasonable price. At Trinity Dental, we will work with you to ensure you have accessibility to the highest quality of dentistry by offering the iSmile Discount Plan and Care Credit. We also accept cash, all major credit cards, debit cards, most HMO, PPO, Medicare, and Medicaid insurances, excluding traditional Medicare or Medicaid for adults.

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Tomball, TX

Routine dental exams and teeth cleanings can help catch small issues before they turn into bigger, more costly problems. Schedule your six month check up today.

Teeth Whitening in Tomball, TX

Our dental experts are here to help you achieve the brightest smile in whatever way works best for you. There are two options that we offer for teeth whitening: in-office and at-home kits. Select whichever option best suits your schedule and enjoy amazing and long lasting results.

Pediatric Dentistry in Tomball, TX

At Trinity Dental Centers we work to keep your child’s teeth healthy by utilizing preventative measures, cleanings to remove plaque buildup and food debris, and treatments when required.

Emergency Dentistry in Tomball, TX

Even if you are not a current patient our dental team is ready and willing to help you during your dental emergency. Please contact us immediately to make a same day or next day appointment.

Dentures in Tomball, TX

We create customized full and partial dentures that are comfortable, affordable, and make it possible for you to feel great about your smile again.

Dental Implants in Tomball, TX

Implants are an excellent denture alternative for missing teeth. Over time, your gums and jawbone will integrate with the implant, producing a more natural look than dentures or bridges, which can cause gums to recede. Call us to schedule your free consultation.

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