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Dental Exams & Teeth Cleanings in Houston, Texas

Dental exams and teeth cleaning are an essential part of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile. At Trinity Dental Centers we want to address any current or potential issues before they get worse or become more severe!

What is a Dental Exam?

A dental exam consists of a thorough evaluation of your oral health and overall wellbeing. Typically, an exam involves meeting with the dentist or hygienist to discuss your health history to see whether it affects your oral condition.

Your Trinity dental team will also discuss changes to health such as new medications, diabetes, arthritis, or pregnancy should be discussed so that the best care is provided according to your existing condition. If it has been a while since your last exam or checkup, or if diet or oral hygiene has led to gum disease, then additional teeth cleanings may be required.

What Happens During The Dental Exam?

After the teeth cleaning, your dentist will look for problem areas between the teeth, gums, and enamel. Any redness, swelling near the gums, or sores are a cause for concern, and checking for these telltale signs of gum disease is important. The dentist will also measure your periodontal pockets, which involve the spaces between your gum’s top and bottom tissues.

The last part of your exam involves taking x-ray images of the mouth so that your dentist can examine any possible concerns not visible to the naked eye. While you are biting down on a piece of plastic, an x-ray machine will be placed by your cheek, and the results will display the visible parts of your teeth as well as your gums, roots, and jaw bones.

This gives your dentist a clear view of exactly what is occurring in your mouth and helps them create the perfect treatment plan for you. Visiting your dentist for a routine checkup means the possibility of nipping periodontal disease in the bud! At Trinity Dental Centers, we recommend that you schedule an appointment twice a year to ensure good oral health.

Routine Teeth Cleanings in Houston, Texas

Teeth cleanings do not just deliver a beautiful smile—they go a long way in providing a healthy environment for your teeth, gums, and overall oral health condition. At Trinity Dental Centers, we recommend teeth cleanings to prevent serious, chronic diseases (such as dementia, heart disease, or further complicating existing diabetic conditions), and tooth loss.

Are Teeth Cleanings Necessary?

Because your mouth receives constant wear from the foods and drinks you consume, it is crucial that you schedule an appointment for routine teeth cleaning twice a year to remove plaque and tartar buildup. By visiting your Trinity Dentist, you get help in cleaning the places your brush cannot reach and free yourself of developing the risk for inflamed and bleeding gums.

During your cleaning, your dentist will offer you a small hand-held mirror. At Trinity Dental Centers, we believe that our patients should be informed every step of the way, and offer you the option to follow along during the procedure. To start, your dentist will begin by scraping off the tartar from your teeth.

Next, using a small probe with measurements, they will perform a “pocket reading” for the spaces between the top and bottom of your gum line. Deep pockets are a symptom of gingivitis or gum disease. If that is the case, your dentist or hygienist will inform you of the right brushing and flossing techniques.

Scheduling regular cleanings help to ensure treating periodontitis early and keeps the condition from spiraling into a bigger, more painful dilemma.