Best Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX

Tooth staining and discoloration can significantly hinder an otherwise healthy smile. Let Trinity Dental Centers help you achieve the radiant and dazzling smile of your dreams!

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Professional Teeth Whitening in Houston, TX

According to the ADA, patients thinking about whitening treatments should schedule a dental exam to assure their oral health is good enough for bleaching and so that the dentist can determine whether their particular teeth stains and discolorations can be improved.

In-office treatment allows the dentist to use a more powerful, higher concentration bleaching gel than what is commercially available. A specialized light activates the gel and enables bleaching to occur faster. This treatment option typically takes 30-90 minutes and requires 1-3 appointments.

For in-home treatment, your Trinity Dental Centers dentist will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and customize mouthpieces to fit you. At home, you will fill each mouthpiece with a whitening gel your dentist provides and wear the mouthpiece for several hours every day. Many people achieve the results they want within a week or two.

Do you feel self-conscious about your teeth? Trinity Dental Centers is here to help you regain confidence with a whiter and brighter smile. Call us now to schedule an appointment! 

Professional In-Office Whitening in Houston, TX:

For the quickest and most effective teeth whitening, Trinity Dental Centers offers a professional, in-office option. While at-home treatments take a few weeks for visible effects, in-office treatment results are immediate and noticeable right after your procedure.

These treatments involve whitening agents in high concentrations, delivering unparalleled results when compared to the available over-the-counter products. In fact, it is possible that your teeth may be visibly whiter in just one visit.

You also have the added benefit of a treatment that is supervised by a Trinity Dental Centers professional. Your dentist may offer additional home whitening to ensure the long-term success of your in-office treatment.


Professional At-Home Whitening in Houston, TX:

To maintain a whiter smile, it is not enough to whiten teeth once and expect them to continue in that state. At Trinity Dental Centers, one of the options we offer you is at-home teeth whitening. This involves a kit customized specifically for you to take home and use according to the instructions given.

Certain lifestyle factors can affect the color of your teeth including smoking or drinking dark colored liquids (such as wine or coffee), which may require more touch-ups. Speak with a Trinity Dental Centers dentist today to customize an at-home treatment that is created just for you!